We have a mandate as sons and daughters of God to create a stronghold of heaven on earth.

As culture makers, we have realized that we are not just adding to something that is already happening, but taking full responsibility for the history of the world. Sons and daughters of God are the shapers of the century.

There is a call.
We have a mandate as sons of God, to release heaven on earth.
We're here to grant permission and release world changers in authority, favor, and influence.
It is the dawning of a new day.
A new era of the kingdom is emerging.
We are what the earth has longed for.
We are what Jesus died for.
Ambassadors of hope, bringing answers to unsolveable problems.

Our annual Culture Changers Conference is about becoming what Jesus died for and revealing to all of creation what they are longing for. It's about sweeping our cities and regions into a divine momentum that changes their history forever. We are the body. We are the bride. We are the sons of God.