I believe that God wants to see an entire generation mobilized to carry heaven and shift culture. They are not going to accomplish this by simply starting more churches or ministries, but by uniting as the Body of Christ under His voice. When it comes to unity, I feel like we have been racing to false finish lines, merely scratching the surface of it's power in the earth.

There is a lot of pain, sickeness, fear, and disaster going on in the world right now, but I feel like God is crafting a response to terror, a response to sickness, and a response to fear. He is going to do this through a generation of worshippers with a newly discovered identity and a new found permission to advance the kingdom by shifting culture outside of the church walls.

I believe that this generation is going to carry answers to world problems on a seriously epic scale. I feel like the generations on the earth are going to demand justice and that Jesus is going to execute justice through them like never before. I believe that this generation is also going to be the best lovers the world has ever seen.

The world seems to be in chaos right now. Political parties are arguing over the best way to fix it, but the people of God, I believe, are going to carry the answers to chaos. In Genesis, the bible describes what took place in the beginning. The Spirit of God hovered over the waters, it took chaos and put it into order. The same Spirit that put chaos into order in the beginning is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, and, it is the same Spirit that lives in the followers of Jesus. You see, when we learn to carry the presence of God, we are carrying the limitless resources of another world, another kingdom, a higher kingdom. In the presence of God is the potential answer to every problem that will ever exist. We are here to put chaos into order. I believe that these answers are going to start being revealed, but they will have to come through a generation that carries heaven, a generation of worshippers that know Jesus and are actively and intentionaly responding to what He is saying right now.

We want to ignite a new expression, heart, and message in an entire generation. The kingdom is a culture (kingdom, family, etc), not an institution. I feel like our greatest influence for the church will be outside the church service. Our biggest goal is not to get people into a building, but to get the kingdom out onto the streets. Church follows culture, so shifting culture could cause a bigger shift in the church than we could imagine. As followers of Jesus, our mandate is to see redemption flood the earth. His redemption will transform everything in its wake. Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals. It takes courage, community, and fathers to help us release what God has put inside of us, and unless we pursue and release His dreams inside of us, the world will never know of them, or the Author that put them there.

When we talk of shifting culture, we are not talking about merely adding to the flavors of art, music, and creativity. That certainly has it's place. We are going after a much bigger picture. In order to understand what it means to be a culture maker, we have to dig a little deeper. Going to back to original language and meanings of culture, we find other words associated with it, like agriculture and horticulture. Let's paint a picture. If we are hungry, we could just eat something that randomly grows out of the ground, or we could also steward the ground and be intentional about planting certain seeds that bring about the result we want. We culture or cultivate the earth till we see the thing we want produced. As the sons of God on the earth, we have a divine mandate to steward, culture, and cultivate the earth until it becomes everything that God intended for it to be in His heart. That means we are taking ownership of the history of the world. We are actively involved in His kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven". We are not living to escape this place as if God doesn't care for it or have a plan for it's redemption. But instead, we are active participants with Holy Spirit to make the earth beautiful, until the culture of this world reflects the kingdom culture of heaven.

Hear this, you don't need anyone's permission to change the world! When Jesus died, redemption was finished. As ambassadors of heaven, we are carriers of redemption. When we walk into a room, we change the options for everyone in it. Get into community and start taking world changing risks together! It's time to change the option's for the people and kingdoms of this world. It's time to start releasing redemption like light dispelling darkness. It's time to release heaven on earth. It's time to change culture for the generations. Our encounters become other peoples encounters. Let's start carrying encounters, carrying heaven, and shifting culture through the power and breath of our magnificent, wonderful, amazing Father.

Clint Kahler, Director Nextgen Worship


Nextgen worship is the voice of a movement whose purpose is to empower generations to carry heaven and shift culture. As sons of God, we bear the responsibility to import heavens heart and mind culture into the earth in such a way that it causes societal transformation. We believe that the ecosystem we are creating as sons and daughters of God is going to build in momentum resulting in a stronghold of heaven on earth that cannot be undone.

We are all stewards of an emerging heavenly invasion in our generation that is going to begin to shift the balance from darkness to light and see the release of answers to unsolvable problems on an epic scale. The sons and daughters of God are catalysts of creativity that will lead to cultural rebirth and a renaissance that ushers in a new era of the kingdom of heaven on earth.


Nextgen Worship Broadcast

The Nextgen Worship Broadcast is a weekly leadership podcast hosted by Clint and Hayley Kahler and Josh Coate. With a blend of guests from Jesus Culture, Hillsong, and Bethel to local leaders in Southwest Missouri, the goal of the show is to dream and pioneer into what could be. With prophetic insight and fresh revelation for this generation, the NGWB is forging a new path of heaven on earth. We have a passion to raise up the sons of God that creation is longing for and see them released as answers to some of the biggest problems facing the world today. The NGWB has a listening audience in 47 countries.

House Fires

Nextgen Worship has a Community Night Called House Fires on the first Monday of each month. This night is devoted to presence and worship. There is lots of love, food, and laughter. We spend a long time in living room style worship flowing with Holy Spirit. We are partnering with Him and learning to give Him the room. This is a very safe place and everyone is encouraged to participate!

UNITE Worship Gatherings

Started in February 2015 by worship leaders in Southwest Missouri, UNITE Worship Gathering is a regional worship event devoted to an extended period of vertical worship and building community. There is no competing agenda with the presence of God. Hosted by a different church every month, regional worship leaders will be worshiping in the round, everyone is encouraged to join in as we host the presence of God in a greater way for our region. Over 30 churches are regularly involved in the gatherings.


On the third Monday of each month, we sponsor a night of songwriting together. Co-writing is quickly becoming the standard method of creating some of the most powerful worship songs on the planet today. We are crafting lyrics, melodies, and music to put on the lips of the most powerful people on the earth*. Get involved in this intentional expression of creativity as we steward language for the next generation of worshippers.

Record Label/Media/Resources

If we are stewarding the resources of heaven well, that means we are putting them into consumable forms of media for the masses. Think about it. Communication is the key to understanding, and as good stewards, we are communicating what Jesus is speaking to our hearts through things that we hear, read, or watch.

That's why we started our own record label, Identity Music. We're releasing a new sound of heaven on earth. A sound that carries encounter and sound that is loaded with divine mandates from heaven for earth. We also produce a weekly leadership podcast geared toward raising up the kind of disciples that the earth is longing for. We interview worshippers from own commmunity as well as well known world changers from Bethel Music, Hillsong Music, Jesus Culture, and many others.

Other resources are in the works designed to take big steps towards equpping people to love well, build healthy family, and turn the world upside down. We even have our first film project underway which is slated for release sometime in 2017.

Culture Changers Conference

Our annual Culture Changers Conference is our flagship event. Held in the fall of each year, the goal of this conference is ENCOUNTER. It's loaded with tons of worship, prophetic insight, and great theology.

It's about becoming what Jesus died for and revealing to all of creation what they are longing for. It's about sweeping our cities and regions into a divine momentum that changes their history forever. It's about releasing as a reality the atmosphere of heaven and giving language to what Jesus is saying to the earth right now.


In 2016 alone, we have traveled to Nashville, TN, Colorado Springs, CO, and to three different cities in Minnesota. We are taking our heart, messsage, and worship to other cities and regions who are hungry for unity, presence, and encounter.

*Quote by Jennie Lee Riddle