Men of Honor Part 2: FATHERS | Audio Blog by Clint Kahler


We can’t talk about being kings without taking the time to talk about being fathers. Fathers play a crucial role in every generation. In fact, the absence of fathers caters to the plans of the enemy by abdicating the responsibility to raise and release the ones coming after them. Fathers are the torch bearers that make the hand off of kingdom transformation and advance from one generation to the next.

There’s a deeper purpose for being a father, and that purpose is found in our kids. Your children are your message to the future. Everything that you do now, affects who your children will be as adults. They are your legacy. It’s your stamp on a world that you have yet to see. Our kids are like time travelers from our own lifetime into the next.

This new mentality empowers us to operate with greater purpose. It calls us to attention and demands that we behave differently. It demands that we behave as stewards and managers. It demands that we see ourselves as great servants to a greater goal. It demands that instead of just seeing our children, that we see INTO them. If we can see into them, then we can purposefully and with great intention, begin to touch those things that have been planted there by the Master. We can begin to call them forth. And as we call out those things, the future will begin to shape and shift, bowing to our words. It will begin to react and respond to the voice of the sons of God.

Even if you yourself are not a father to a biological child, you are not off the hook! We are here to make disciples of nations. That starts with the one. Find one. See them how God sees them. Tell them who they are. Tell them that they were born for greatness. Tell them that they are significant in the kingdom. Tell them that they were born to change the world.

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