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If there’s is anything that the church has gotten wrong over the generations, it is the husband and wife relationship. Men have been controlling, demeaning, and enslaving women since the beginning of time. News flash! It should not be so among us as kingdom men!

Scripture does not support the common view that many church leaders have of women as sub par humans in the kingdom. In fact, show me a woman who has been subjugated, and I’ll show you the boyish man she is married to who has heart issues, ego problems, and is covering up his insecurities with fake power. What then is our definition as husbands in the kingdom? Glad you asked.

1 Corinthians 11:3 in The Passion translation sheds some light on our roles as husbands: But I want you to understand that Christ is the source of every human alive, and Adam was the source of Eve, and God is the source of the Messiah.

You may be familiar with this passage. Many translations use the word “head” instead of the word “source”. This is misleading at best, and here is why. When modern western Christians read the word “head”, we think it means “head over”, “chief”, or “ruler”. This translation could not be farther from the truth. To say that Christ is the head of every man means that he is the source of our life and faith as the head of the body of Christ. Christ is the “head” as in the head, or headwaters of a river. Are you starting to get a picture of our role as husbands?

Men, we are headwaters in our marriage and family. This means that life is flowing out from and empowering every person in our household. Not ruling, but empowering. Men and women are different, but we are still equal. A good husband will empower his wife to be everything that she has been created to be. Empowered wives are free from having to be both sides of a relationship. When a woman is married to a boyish man, she has to fill the role of husband AND wife. This situation will cause our wives to become angry and controlling. But a woman who is secure in the fact that her husband is a king, never feels the need to control. She is at rest and secure in operating as the other half of the team.

This husband and wife relationship is an extremely powerful picture of the kingdom of God, between Christ and the Church. Men, this is what Jesus has done for us: He brought stability, peace, order, and life into the chaos. He partners with us to empower us to become everything that He’s created us to be. And that is a True man of honor.


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