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The Nextgen Worship Broadcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Clint and Hayley Kahler and Josh Coate. Get empowered to carry heaven and shift culture from some of today's leading kingdom voices like Ray Hughes, Chris Quilala, Dustin Smith, Shawn Bolz and more! We LOVE connecting with our listeners! Tell us what you think at If you enjoy our podcast, please share it with someone! Thanks for listening!



You don't need anyone's permission to change the world!
Hope is not a luxury or something that can only be attained in the future. It is the foundation of faith and a part of God's nature that we are called to release as an encounter into the earth.
Disciples not only carry the influence and favor of heaven, but we are releasing that favor and influence into the earth for the sake of discipling nations. #ngwb #podcast #revival
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God is leading us into a generation where nothing is impossible to them! We are honored to have Christopher N. Jones talk about the important role that men play in releasing heaven on earth and bringing their families into life and abundance in the kingdom. Enjoy!
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#men #menofhonor #kingdom #ngwb
Whether it's pretty or ugly, transition is something that everyone goes through. Join us for an honest discussion and interview with Josh Gilbert who talks about his recent transition from one season of life to the next. #podcast #ngwb #podcasts #podcasting #podcastlife #podcasters #podcastshow #podcaster #podcastinglife #podcasting #worship #worshipleader #worshiper #transition
Check out our Father's Day show! Podcast #122 Forgotten Fathers #podcast #fathersday #ngwb
Joining us for this week's #NGWB is @shawnbolz ! Shawn talks about his new book "God Secrets" and shares some recent stories about the prophetic that are INCREDIBLE. Enjoy! 
#ngwb #nextgenworship #prophetic #shawnbolz #podcast
Joining us on the NGWB this week is @dsworship for part two of his interview! Dustin is the founder of @therealherebelions . Here Be Lions is the spearhead of a revolution. Taking ordinary lives and making them extraordinary. Pushing the limits of the status quo and proving that the voice of community is powerful. #herebelions #wearetheroar #podcast #ngwb



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