The Power of Perspective P2: Reigning in Life

One of my main goals in the past 5 or 6 six years has been to truly understand and see myself as God sees me. Getting His perspective on my life has exposed lies that lead me into deception. There is a discernment that must be made in our thinking and believing to find out whether a belief is a truth from Heaven or a tactic of religion. I began a journey of getting my inside world as healthy as possible, knowing that the healthier my inside world got, the more influence it would begin to have on the world around me. I started putting some man-made theologies and ideas about God and myself on the chopping block. I then began to replace them with fresh revelation from Holy Spirit and truth from the Word of God. As a result, my life began to change immediately and it has never stopped.  Let’s realign our inside world with some kingdom perspectives!

Perspective #2:  Isaiah 60:3 The Voice translation declares: Nations north and south, peoples east and west will be drawn to your light, will find purpose and direction by your light. In the radiance of your rising, you will enlighten the leaders of nations.

In us is a purpose so profound and an influence so arresting, that nations and leaders of nations are to be drawn to and influenced by it. How do we reign in life at this level? Matthew 6:33 instructs us to “seek first the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness”. Seeking His righteousness isn’t a separate thing in my opinion, but instead is the key to a powerful inside world.  Let’s think of it this way; to the measure that the righteousness of God is seen in our life and behavior, we will reign in this life. All of God’s promises are an invitation for us to rule and reign in this life, to overcome, and to bring chaos into order.

His design for every believer is royalty. His intention for all His people is that we would reign as kings in life. Do people abuse this and make it a self-centered pursuit? Yep. But never the less, God is redefining His intention for our lives by changing our perspective from beggars to kings. As kings on the earth, we have the ability and the resources to fix problems. A good earthly king would never walk by a problem in his kingdom and ask “Who is going to fix this?”.  Because of his unique perspective, he understands that it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to fix the problem. SOLVING PROBLEMS IS THE WAY OF ROYALTY. Kingdom royalty by its very nature will change the world because it takes a servants heart and puts it in a position of authority and abundance for the sake of those around them.

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