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We are music makers. It’s our passion, it flows through our veins. With over 20 years combined experience in producing and mixing, we know what elements create an amazing song. Great music starts before the recording and mixing process, and we want to help you find that perfect blend of artistry and authenticity. We are proudly located in Joplin, Mo. Contact us for a studio tour today.

The Buzz

Recording at Identity Studios was amazing. Most definitely my best recording experience ever! The process was collaborative and not rigid or stressful. Clint was able to take my vision for each song and help me implement it the best way possible. I am 110% satisfied with the price, the process and the product. I’m so thankful there is a quality studio in the Southwest Missouri area with the passion and the talent to produce quality projects to impact the world around us with the kingdom of God.

Becky Baldwin
Becky BaldwinBecky Baldwin Music

Gear List


    Dangeous Music D-Box Summing and Monitoring
    JBL Studio Monitors and Sub
    Focusrite Mic Pre’s
    Warm Audio Mic Pre’s
    Warm Audio 2A Style, Transformer balanced, high voltage, opto tube compressor
    Presonus Eurekea preamp and signal processor
    Furman Power Conditioning


    Pro Tools 12
    Reason 10
    Hollywood Strings
    Waves Platinum Bundle
    Waves SSL 4000 Collection
    Greg Wells Signature Series
    H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb
    Valhalla Vintageverb
    Steven Slate Virtual Mix Rack
    Waves Tune Real-Time
    Melodyne Pitch Correction
    Ivory II Grand Pianos Collection
    API 2500
    CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter
    CLA-1176 Compressor / Limiter
    Black Box Analog Design HG-2
    Aphex Vintage Exciter
    Kramer Master Tape
    Manny Marroquin Delay
    Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
    Mathew Lane Spacial Processor Bundle
    Clariphonic DSP Parallel Mastering EQ
    Fabfilter Mastering Bundle
    Heavyocity Punish
    Ozone 7 Mastering Tools
    and tons more…


    WA-87 Large Diaphram Condenser
    Shure KSM44 Large Diaphram Condenser
    Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mic
    Assortment of drum and specialty mics


  • BASIC DEMO | $195/SONG

    Acoustic guitar or piano only.
    Includes up to 2 hours of studio time to sing and mix, and a house mastered high res .mp3 file and 16bit 44khz .wav file.

    Book a Basic Demo


    Includes 5 hours of studio time for a four piece band, vocals, mixing, and a house mastered high res .mp3 file and 16bit 44khz .wav file.
    Book a Standard Demo

  • FULL DEMO | $445/SONG

    Includes 8 hours of studio time for a five piece band, vocals, mixing, and a house mastered high res .mp3 file and 16bit 44khz .wav file.

    Book a Full Demo Session


    For the sake of creativity, we turn the clock off. Includes vocal and instrumental tracking for a 6 piece band, professional editing, and professional mix.

    Book Professional Production



    Getting started/What it takes to make great recordings

  • EQ





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