What would it look like if a whole city responded in unison to the Lord? What would it look like for a city to love God together? Our worship shifts atmospheres and makes it easier for prisoners to be set free, it’s time to UNITE.

Started in February 2015 by worship leaders in Southwest Missouri, UNITE Worship Gathering is a regional worship event devoted to an extended period of vertical worship and building community. There is no agenda, no preaching. Our focus is fully on His presence. Regional worship leaders will be worshiping in the round, everyone is encouraged to join in as we host the presence of God in a greater way for our region. God’s heart is burning for cities.

UNITE gatherings are hosted by a different church every month. Check the schedule below for upcoming dates and to sign up for a 1 or 2 hour slot.

In addition to worship, we are having a simultaneous 24 hour potluck. Bring something to share!

upcoming unite worship gatherings

The Light at Joplin

July 13-14 2018
7am Friday through 7pm Saturday

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