We Have to Go Deeper

deeper-nextgen worship

If we want to see our cities impacted with a depth of God that sweeps away poverty
and brokenness, bends statistics and dark strategies, and births heaven on earth
disciples, then we have to go deeper.

We must be moved by the things that move His heart. We must feel, we must pray,
we must act. We must give our entire lives to this one thing, “your kingdom come,
your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. We must yearn for more, we must
ask for more, we must imagine the impossible. Throughout the generations, Holy Spirit
has been brooding, waiting, wooing the sons of God into action, stirring the fires
of hope and passion till they overflow and cascade from heaven in a mighty waterfall.
Heaven is looking for a generation that will not relent, that will contend. That
will see the momentum of evil turned for good. That will see diseases disappear.
That will see heaven on earth. If we are that generation, then we must go deeper.

A generation is coming that will see the greatest change we’ve ever seen.

We have to give till it costs, pray till it breaks, and allow our hearts and character
to be molded by the Master. We have to commit. We have to gather. We have to rearrange
our lives to host something greater than us, greater than our schedules, greater
than our comfort. Which generation will be the pivot point? Which one will shift
everything, draw a line in the sand, and make history. If we are that generation,
then we have to go deeper.

We have to dream of the possibilities, we have to awaken to the reality of heaven.
We have to be ready when it comes, because it’s coming will surely change everything.
It will illuminate our greatest hopes and dreams, awaken us to things we’ve never
seen or heard. Awaken us to the reality that heaven on earth changes everything.
A generation is coming that will see the greatest change we’ve ever seen. A generation
is coming that will bend forever the course of human history by the way it hosts
heaven. By the way it carries breakthrough and the spirit of revelation. If we are
that generation, then we have to go deeper.

If we want to see the dead come back to life, if we want to see cancer become a
memory, then we have to bring it. We have to want it. We have to host it. It’s our
watch now, and the world is waiting and watching us to see how we steward our moment
in history. Will we waste it? Or will be own it? Will the earth rejoice as we emerge
or simply say “not that again”. We have to take action, we have to gain traction
and realize that our lives are a sacrifice. We have to pour it all out and take
it all in. We have to be hungry. We have to follow him. We have to be in it to win
it. We have to go all the way. Will we believe? Will we make history? If we are
that generation, then we will have to go deeper.

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